One of many benefits of this green vegetable is that it has got an anticancer effect on our body. According to many clinical studies, only 100 grams of broccoli daily reduces the risk of cancer.

It contains certain amounts of vitamins A, C, and E and is a significant antioxidant. Broccoli can slow down the process of cell damage, “corrosive” of free radicals. This process can lead to aging and the emergence of various diseases including malignant diseases.

What Do They Contain

First of all this vegetable contains almost twice as much vitamin C, for example from the orange. Another wellness from them is that always strengthens the body’s defense mechanism.

SGS (Sulforaphane glucosinate) containing broccoli kills tumors. They are releasing enzymes in the body that destroy tumor cells and prevent its spreading or metastasizing to distant organs and tissues.

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Strong antioxidant

Broccoli as a strong antioxidant is at the top of the list of vegetarian diets because it prevents apoptosis (the process of cell death) in the body. It contains ingredients called sulphuric, natural chemical substances that give a recognizable taste and can stimulate the self-destruction of cancer cells. Thus doctors consider eating broccoli as a breast cancer prevention.

Also, broccoli contains indoles, ingredients that accelerate the metabolism of the female hormone estrogen.

It is directly responsible for malignant changes in the structure of breast cells. It has been observed that in women who regularly consume broccoli, the chances of cervical cancer or lung cancer are smaller.

Finaly, do not forget to eat broccoli as often as you can, almost every day.