Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a well-known Mediterranean herb. It has always been a valued herb because it increases concentration and improves brain activity. In Chinese folk medicine, rosemary has been used as a brain tonic for thousands of years.

Rosemary is an excellent natural diuretic and it is recommended for people who suffer from swelling. Because it improves kidney function, rosemary is a natural cleaner for the body and helps remove toxins from it. Rosemary stimulates heart work, improves circulation, normalizes low blood pressure and is a great tonic for the heart. Used for colds, flu, cough, chronic bronchitis. It helps with headaches, nervous tension, and mental fatigue. This herb relieves rheumatic and muscle aches. It is especially useful for treating muscle inflammation. It accelerates hair growth, helps with dandruff problems, oily hair, and hair loss.

As a tea, it helps to get rid of bloating, gas and mild gastrointestinal disorders. It is also used in the kitchen as a herb that improves digestion.

Natural remedy with rosemary for help in treating uterine myomas and other female problems

In 1 liter of quality red wine put 40 pieces of rosemary, 3-4 centimeters long. Put the wine in a bottle and leave it in a dark place for 7-10 days. The wine should not be drained. Drink one small glass of this wine, with 5-6 drops of 20% propolis solution, in the morning on an empty stomach. This therapy lasts for 1 month.

Rosemary elixir for anemia treatment

Put 2 liters of water, 8 lemons with peel, 16 tablespoons of sugar and 3 rosemary twigs in a pot. Let it boil until the liquid is reduced to 1 liter. Before removing the pot from the fire, add 1 teaspoon of pollen and 1 teaspoon of propolis to the liquid, then drain. Drink one small glass from this elixir every morning on an empty stomach.

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